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About Coach Corbi

Welcome to NEXT LEVEL BASKETBALL! Over the past several years Coach Corbi has trained some of the top basketball players in western New York and helped them take their game to the NEXT LEVEL. His vision was to take this training to basketball players of all ages across the nation who don’t have access to good and affordable training but, are driven to improve their Game

In the Training Academy

THIS LIBRARY OF DRILLS ARE DESIGNED TO improve your skill level and basketball IQ and make
you a more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT basketball player. It can also be utilized by parents and
coaches of younger players to teach sound fundamentals in their workouts and practice
sessions. We specialize in training programs that can benefit basketball players of any age or
skill level from modified basketball to college level basketball players.

Ball Handling

Shooting Techniques

Post Moves

Transition Moves

Drills on Finishing

Ball passes

complete player’s guide

NEXT LEVEL BASKETBALL ON-LINE TRAINING DRILLS are designed to develop a dynamic
basketball player whose goal is to excel in all phases of the game. Become a better shooter
and learn how to get your shot off quicker. Learn how to create space off the dribble and go
to scoring moves. Increase quickness, reaction time and footwork. Many of Coach Corbi’s
clients have used this training to vastly improve their game and even earn college scholarships

This is a complete player’s guide! When you join Next Level Basketball you will have access to:


Training program

A complete program designed to take your game to the next level!

Library of Drills

In this video library you will be able to view drills that cover all areas of training including: ball handling, post moves, finishing, shooting techniques, transition moves, passing and more


New Videos Released Weekly

We will release new drills on a weekly basis to make sure you are challenged and continue to develop your skills.

our mission

At Next Level Basketball our mission is to reach as many basketball players as possible who have the desire, drive and determination to take their game to the next level. We recognize that private skills training is not always available or affordable to all so we have created a video library of drills that players, parents or coaches can access to develop the fundamental skills necessary to improve every aspect of an individual’s game.
Whether your goal is make your school team, help your son or daughter improve their game or, earn a college scholarship, we want you to combine our knowledge and expertise with your drive and take your game to the NEXT LEVEL.

Learn from pro players

Kyle Williams

Vince Kazmierczak

Jordan Green

Isaiah Johnson

What Players Have to Say

"Coach Corbi helped me with my form shooting which helped my jump shot improve. His ball handling drills also helped make my hands quicker and make me a better player. Even though I’m playing professional basketball I still use the same drills he showed me at NCCC.

Victor Verdecia Professional basketball player

"Coach corbi has an innovative way to teach the fundamentals of game. His individuals attention has helped player reach their goal of getting to next level."

Bill Beilein NCCC Basketball Head Coach 

Training with Coach Corbi will expand your game, and develop you into a more Efficient athlete

Kyle Williams Division Player

Coach Corbi is one of the most caring and enthusiastic people I have ever met. He’s always trying to find new ways to better his players and he gets a rush out of seeing his players succeed. I learned a number of things from Coach Corbi that made me a better player, most importantly he was always there for me and that’s what I appreciate most.

Isaiah Johnson Professional basketball player

Coach Corbi is dedicated to making your game better. If you put in the work with him results will follow.

Vince Kazmierczak Professional basketball player

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