Setting Up Younger Basketball Players for Success

As a coach, one of the top questions athletes ask me is “How do I become a better shooter?”  Unfortunately, many basketball players have developed bad habits when they were young that they carried over throughout the years. Here are the steps that will set younger players up for success and learn to shoot correctly.become a better shooter

When a young player is first starting out, the temptation is to start mimicking the professional basketball players they see on TV by shooting three-pointers on a 10ft rim however, this must be avoided at all costs. When young players start shooting from far away, they must sacrifice form in favor of power so they can reach the rim and this will lead to mechanical errors such as pushing the ball with your guide hand, catapulting the ball from over your head, and shooting a line drive shot from the hip. Coaches and parents should start off young players on a shorter rim with a smaller basketball.

What you need to know:

6-8 years old should be shooting with a size 4, 14 ounce, 22.5” ball on a 7-8 ft net.

9-11 years old should be shooting with a size 5, 17 ounce, 27.5’ ball on an 8-9 ft net.

12-14 years old should be shooting with a size 6, 20 ounce, 28.5” ball on a 9-10 ft net.

15 years old and up should be shooting with a size 7, 22 ounce 29.5” ball on a 10 ft net.

As always, I recommend that all players should start off with form shooting. They should only progress further away from the basket if they can shoot from that range with proper form. For drills on form shooting and much more, check out my new online training program at Get 7 free days and download my pdf on how to become a better shooter!  Start your free trial today!  Let’s train.