In this month’s blog, I want to continue our talk about common shooting mistakes. One of the biggest signs of an inconsistent shooter is someone that misses left or right a lot. Ideally, good shooters, by in large should really only miss a little short or a little long. Here are several tips to help you avoid missing left or right when taking your basketball shot. How to Correct Common Shooting Mistakes – Missing Left
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It’s October and the NBA preseason has started. NBA players have been training all summer to improve their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. Hopefully, you spent your off-season working diligently on your shooting, ball handling, and other skills. But, if not, I wanted to talk about some last-minute preparations you can make before you try out for your high school team or begin practicing with your college team.  I created this preseason training program to
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Common Shooting Mistakes – The Catapult This month I wanted to talk about a second common basketball shooting mistake that I see all the time. The catapult happens when the shot pocket is incorrectly over or behind the shooters head. Correct:                                                                     
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Common Shooting Mistakes – The Two-Handed Shot One of the most common mistakes made when shooting the basketball is the two-handed shot. How do Players Develop a Two-Handed Shot? This bad habit usually develops when young players who are not yet strong enough to take a proper basketball shot, hurl the ball at the hoop because they lack the strength to get the ball to the rim.  The player then will push with their guide
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Tonight the Warriors and the Cavs will square off for the fourth consecutive year in the NBA Finals. Here is what I believe will be the most important matchups and factors in the series. The Cavalier’s hopes and dreams of winning another NBA Title rest squarely on Lebron James’ shoulders …he will have to play his best postseason series ever for them to have a chance to beat the Warriors. I expect the Cavs to
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Setting Up Younger Basketball Players for Success As a coach, one of the top questions athletes ask me is “How do I become a better shooter?”  Unfortunately, many basketball players have developed bad habits when they were young that they carried over throughout the years. Here are the steps that will set younger players up for success and learn to shoot correctly. When a young player is first starting out, the temptation is to start mimicking the
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