Do you want to know the secret to Stephen Curry’s training program?
Okay, there isn’t just one thing…and it’s not really a secret.  But we can all agree that how Stephen Curry trains is working!  Here are a few ways you can train more like Stephen:

2-Ball Drills and Tennis Ball Drills  

There is a lot of debate amongst basketball coaches, players and trainers on the value of 2-ball drills and tennis ball drills.  Some professionals think that they are effective training drills.  Others believe they are just gimmicks.  I have experience training many college and pro players and I use both 2-ball dribbling drills and tennis ball drills with every player. They are a fun way to overload your nervous system. Some coaches will say that because you never need to dribble two balls in a game that practicing with two balls is a waste of time.  I disagree. Many high-level players like Stephen Curry train in these extreme situations and ultimately, they credit this type of training with making the regular game seem slower. My strong belief is that it’s beneficial anytime you can make practice harder than the game.

Using 2-ball and tennis ball drills are a fun way to increase your hand speed while adding variety in your training. One of the reasons I believe in this style of training is because I’ve seen real results with my players. Now I’m not saying that these types of drills should be the bulk of your workout, standing there for 2 hours doing 2-ball, ball handling drills will do more harm than good. I like to use these “overload” ball handling drills as a warmup to shock the nervous system. Stephen Curry is known for using these types of drills in his pregame warmup.

Practice at Game Speed & Practice the Basics

Another reason Curry is so successful is that he always practices his movements at game speed. He practices the fundamentals over and over again.  It’s the mastery of the basics that allows him to execute some of his flashier moves in games. Curry has worked tirelessly on his shooting form and he’s been reported to shoot a minimum of 250 shots per day.  Every day.  Plus he will shoot another 100 before games during the season.  In the offseason, he’ll make somewhere between 350-500 shots per day.

If Stephen Curry still practices the basics, you should be too!

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I am looking forward to helping you improve your game!
Coach Corbi