Common Shooting Mistakes – The Two-Handed Shot

One of the most common mistakes made when shooting the basketball is the two-handed shot.

How do Players Develop a Two-Handed Shot?

This bad habit usually develops when young players who are not yet strong enough to take a proper basketball shot, hurl the ball at the hoop because they lack the strength to get the ball to the rim.  The player then will push with their guide hand to reach the basket.

(If you are training a young player, be sure to set them up of success with the right ball and rim height. You can read my guidelines here).

What’s Wrong with Two-Handed Shooting?             

Using a two-handed shot makes it almost impossible to shoot consistently. This is because there are so many moving parts and variables on each basketball shot.  Learning and practicing proper shooting form is needed to improve your basketball shot and make it more consistent.

Correct:                                                 Incorrect: 
two-handed shot correct           two-handed shot incorrect

How to Fix a Two-Handed Shot

Watch players like Klay Thompson, Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry or Steve Nash to see what a correct guide hand looks like. If your guide hand opens-up and pushes the ball, you need to go back to basics and build up the strength of your shooting hand and wrist.

The best basketball shooting drill to improve this weakness is to shoot the basketball up to yourself. Once you have built up your strength away from the basket, you can progress to form shooting without using your guide hand. Once again, the goal here is to retrain your body to eventually not need to flick or push the ball with your guide hand.

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